Friday, April 01, 2011

Blue Final

Well, Blue is done. Not 100% happy with the end result, only because I could not connect any of the facial expression blend shapes to him without deformation problems. I believe the culprit is the input connections list and the order that things were arranged, but after hours of google searching and trying everything I could find, I just couldn't get the shapes to affect his head without the head wanting to go back to the origin. I don't think there are any character riggers following my blog, but if there are or you know how to fix what I am talking about, I would really like to hear from you. Comment! :)

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Jenna Matsalla said...

He's so CUTE :D . Thanks again. Feels awesome to see a a drawing of mine because 3D (and moveable. That's a bonus). I can't wait to see him moving and such (: . Maybe in the future ye can model and/or rig another drawing of mine, ha ha. When you have time :P